The worst is not, so long as we can say, this is the worst!

Issuing corrections to a published pattern is the worst. Here are some corrections to published mouse army patterns.

Emerger Cowl.

September 15, 2020: The current paid pattern is up to date, but there were thousands of downloads during a brief free promo offer, and .PDF updates for free patterns appear to be unavailable.

On page 7, text and photos were added to the pattern, to clarify the transition between the second and third section. Additionally, be sure not to turn your work after knitting that final Section 2 Row 4.

“Place work RS up, with the increase edge down.

Join the LH and RH corners of the cowl as if to work in the round.”

Skep Cap 1.

In the free version, wst is not defined in the Abbreviations section. wst is “wrapped stitch,” and refers to wrapped stitches created while working short rows.


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