Most .PDFs are updated promptly, but this page is still useful if you’re working from an earlier (or free) version.

dogfish (free version only)

On page 4, the instructions should say nothing about picking up from the cast-on corner. Pick up stitches beginning from the position of the working yarn.

Caroline Cowl

I might have to make 2022 its own errata page. This is the most major correction we’ve had to issue to date.

In the free version of Caroline Cowl, this correction applies to Page 3, right after Rows 5 & 6:

”Repeat Rows 5 & 6 one more time.

*Repeat Rows 5 & 6 five times (20 sts overall inc) 39 sts total.”

From there, the pattern repeat continues. This correction effects the setup section and the Pattern Repeat.

While you can successfully complete the free pattern as written from the .PDF if you have enough yarn (the error would have added four extra rows to each triangle), this solves problems with stitch counts and potential issues with yardage requirements.

If you follow the original free pattern, again, you’re still golden if you have enough yarn—you’d just have 7 ridges of garter stitch in the pattern repeats, and end up with 107 sts total when each triangle’s complete.

Son of Dog Days I: Souvenir

Another day, another devastating mistake.

In the free version of Son of Dog Days I, Row 9 contains a typo. Where it reads k11, it should read k1, not k11.

Mitered Cat Hat

In the free version only, there’s an error in the final row and bindoff. The corrected version reads:

”Row 4 (RS). sl1, s2kpo, k1, turn work (2 sts dec) 4 sts total. 

Bind off on the next row, in pattern (below).

Bind Off In Pattern (Final). 

Bind off in pattern, using basic method: sl1, p1, psso, ssk, pass previous st over.”


Wool Vessel

On Page 4 of the original .PDF, there’s a stitch count mistake during the body setup. It should read:

“Round 1. [k1, p19, k1] to end of round.    
Round 2. k19, [k2tog, k17] […]”

The next “p18” should also read “p17.” It’s 17.

Heptagon Time!

Row 2 should read “10 sts inc,” not “6 sts inc.”


“Provisional crochet cast-on” should be “cable cast-on.” The .PDF has been updated, and a version of the pattern incorporating the accidental provisional cast-on is in development (check back Monday, 04/05/21).

Hive Hat.

In the 01/29/21 edition of the .PDF, Row 14 should read “k14(16, 18)…” rather than “k14(16, 19).”

2020 & Earlier.

Emerger Cowl.

September 15, 2020: The current paid pattern is up to date, but there were thousands of downloads during a brief free promo offer, and .PDF updates for free patterns appear to be unavailable.

On page 7, text and photos were added to the pattern, to clarify the transition between the second and third section. Additionally, be sure not to turn your work after knitting that final Section 2 Row 4.

“Place work RS up, with the increase edge down.

Join the LH and RH corners of the cowl as if to work in the round.”

Skep Cap 1.

In the free version, wst is not defined in the Abbreviations section. wst is “wrapped stitch,” and refers to wrapped stitches created while working short rows.

Curtis Street Cowl (Free Version).

On Page 5, Row 7 should read brk1 where it reads brp1.