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I’m going to post the new design before the link’s even gone from my clipboard!

Here’s the link:

It’s also going to be linked from the photo; I am going to salt this link everywhere. I really like how the cowl turned out.

  • First off, it’s fitted. It flares at the lower hem, narrows at the neck, and flares very slightly at the top again. You can pull this up over your face if you’re very cold, and it fits great. I also like the lack of ease because I think it makes small accessories warmer; a loose cowl doesn’t seem as insulating unless it’s one of a few layers.
  • It’s a good showcase for scraps or that last little bit of fancy yarn (Hedgehog Fibres Sock in this case); the MC is a pretty economical choice (Cascade Heritage Sock).
  • I usually work up samples while I’m writing, but in this case, the final sample was knit pretty hastily after the pattern was mostly finalized. So it’s pretty satisfying to have it come out well!