Current work is actually really exciting, but it’s taking forever (larger knits! garments instead of accessories! spring layers! possible summer tops and all-season knits!), so it’s also a little angst-inducing and I don’t have a lot to immediately show.

HOWEVER, I do also have a pretty good cowl ready to see:

VertiCowl I!

I thought this might be too simple in the sportweight yarn (I’ve got a laceweight version with a little more complexity for later this fall), but the shape is extremely satisfying and works very well as a cowl. It takes about 250 yards of yarn, which seems like a little bit of a high measurement (it’s been pretty rainy; the wool might be holding on to some moisture, enough to weigh a little more on the scale than it should), but it’s easily a weekend project for a seasoned knitter. It took me about four to six hours, possibly a little more—I was trying to track time closely in roughly 50-minute chunks, but often kept knitting past when I planned to take breaks.

I also want to knit another one right away, which I feel is a good endorsement—I get knitting boredom really quickly these days, and don’t often want to knit two of anything. Bodes well for the socks I have case on, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this project if it’s the type of design you like and you get a chance to work it up! It’s a nice small knit in between bigger designs, and has almost a refreshing feel.