New Hats and Changes!

Oh no! I forgot to publish my exciting New Hats post, and now it feels really dated.

There have been two new hat designs! This one is the most interesting as a hat:

It’s called Provisions Hat and goes different directions!

The other is very simple, but has more intermediate finishing techniques, plus it’s knit in the round, plus optional finishing makes it convertible, so that it can be worn as a hat or a collar. (Plus) I have a couple more ideas to work out that are similar, but I need to brush up on cable terms and possibly learn to chart a design effectively for the one.

It’s a sack hat, but I’m not sure how obvious that is from most of the photos, since part of what I like best about it is the neat-looking edge when it’s in hat form. It’s so simple! So easy to knit! But you get this sleek double fabric at the end!