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Stay-at-Home Auxiliary Mitered Square Scarf, Day 1.

Okay! This is the official start. The instructions below make your first mitered square—which will be the starting point for the entire scarf. For materials, gauge, suggested needles, etc., see Day 0.

Begin Work.
First Mitered Square (Make 1).

Using the cable cast-on method, cast on 61 sts.
Row 1 (RS). sl1, k remaining.
Row 2. sl1, k29, p1, k to end of row.
Placing a removable stitch marker on the purled middle stitch is optional. The purled stitch is referred to later as the middle stitch.
Row 3. sl1, k to 1 before middle st, s2kpo, k to end of row (2 sts dec) 59 sts remain.
Row 4. sl1, k to middle st, p middle st, k to end of row.

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 until 5 sts remain, ending with a Row 4 repeat.

Row 5 (Bind Off). sl1, s2kpo, slip previous st over, k1, slip previous st over.
Do not break yarn.
Leave last st on needle.

This is sort of what the first mitered square should look like after the first few rows, but less linen-y, especially if you’re making it out of wool.

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